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Made to order, delivered and installed direct from the factory.

Essential information

Manufactured and engineered to meet council and building regulations, our Workshops qualify for a Class 10A Building Permit.

Affordable and easy

Built to save you time and money. Your approval will also be fast-tracked as our workshops qualify as a Complying Development

Future proof

A Class 10A structure is non-habitable, but engineered to the same basic standard as a 1A structure which you can upgrade later on if you choose (STCA).

Increase your headspace

Super high 2.4 metre wall height, which can be increased further if lined to a cathedral pitch.

Multiple uses

Can be used as a home office, utility area, workshop, hobby room, storage or a sometimes space

Fully customisable

With hundreds of variations to choose from, our panel design makes customisation easy ​

Quick delivery and installation

Your Workshop can be installed in your backyard within two days from the date of delivery

Insulated against the elements

Wall and roof sisolation comes standard to regulate moisture and reduce heat in summer, and heat loss in winter

Adds value to your property

Ask for a free site inspection to see whether a Workshop is the right option for your extra space needs.

Make an enquiry

We deliver and install across Australia

    Get inspired

    Flick through our gallery to view some examples of what our Workshops could look like in your backyard.

    Start creating your dream space

    We have a simple process to ensure you’re getting the perfect solution for your needs. 

    View the information below to learn more about our sizes, models and customisation options.

    Call us on (03) 9708 2816 or

    Select your size and model

    Our huge range of sizes are sure to fit your garden, whether its a paddock or a postage stamp.

    Simply measure the length and width of your backyard and select a suitable model below.

    Get in contact with our experts and we will help you customise and create the perfect studio room for your requirements.

    Select your model by width

    2.8m wide

    3.4m wide

    4.2m wide

    5.1m wide

    Customise and make it your own

    Your new workshop can be designed to blend in, stand out or designed to be as functional as you need it to be.

    Need cover?

    Give your workshop extra cover with our choice of verandahs.

    Choose your options

    With a range of doors, windows and extras, our studios can be customised for every possible purpose.

    Finish it off

    Your Workshop is as colourful as you are.

    Your new fully functioning home can blend in, stand out or be painted to be a Mini-Me of the main house.