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Permit Info

Council Permits

A standard Building Permit relates specifically to ‘building construction’ and must be issued by local Council or a Private Certifier.

The following basic documentation will needed to be provided to the Certifier to begin the Building Permit Application, however these requirements will vary depending on your local government area, the type of permit you are seeking, and any special overlays or restrictions on your site:

  • Property Information
  • Title
  • Dial Before You Dig
  • Site Inspection
  • Site Plan
  • Structural Drawings

Once the application is lodged, the Certifier may make a Request for Information (RFI). This can be a long and drawn out process depending on the amount of RFI requests, which can sometimes be extensive. Or they may advise that a Planning Permit will be necessary. A Building Permit can only be obtained after a Planning Permit is obtained, however the exact process and terminology may vary in different states and territories.

Once all relevant information (RFI’s) have been provided and accepted, a Building Contract must be signed, Builders Warranty Insurance (where applicable) obtained and then both are forwarded to the Certifier to have the Permit issued. Only then can the construction commence.

Inspections can be required during and after construction in order to receive the final certification.

The whole permit process can be as quick as 4–6 weeks or as slow as 6–8 months as you have to rely on many authorities. 


All Customers should check with their local Council and/or Certifier for more exact information on their site and proposed project.

You must also consider state specific planning information. Below is a good starting point for information in the following locations: