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Sustainability Policy

Aarons Backyard Creations

We view the planet as one big backyard, and we are incredibly passionate about doing everything we can to protect it.

The War on Waste is real. Choosing quality products with longevity is a conscious and responsible decision.


We cannot afford to continue living in a disposable society which turns our planet into a rubbish tip. Landfill is a huge problem in Australia as it lowers our air, water and land quality. 

  • Our products are over-engineered, robust and built to be passed down to the next generation.
  • Our customers frequently relocate their beloved Aarons products to their new homes. We offer this service to our customers.
  • We reuse many of our offcuts to make smaller products, attachments and components, as well as for our landscaping and childcare work.

Carbon Footprint

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions are the primary cause of global warming. At Aarons, we neutralise our impact by the following means:

  • We source our products from local suppliers and/or manufacturers in order to minimise CO2 emissions caused by transportation.
  • Our timber manufacturing process does not directly emit any CO2, besides through electricity consumption.
  • By supporting reforestation (by using plantation timber), we generate additional plant life which absorbs CO2 and releases oxygen.
  • Our products don’t end up in landfill. Landfill emits methane, which is 20 times more damaging to the atmosphere than CO2.

These benefits are passed onto you as the consumer of our product, as your carbon footprint is affected by the lifestyle and purchasing choices you make.

Renewable Timber

We believe that timber is the most environmentally friendly building material as it:
  • Offers natural strength
  • Is a natural resource
  • Integrates with its surrounding environment
  • Is 100% renewable
  • Is incredibly versatile.

Plantation Facts:

  • Approximately 17% of Australia’s area is forest land. This is comprised of woodlands, open forest, rainforest, mangroves and plantations.
  • Most pine plantations are grown on land that was originally cleared for high intensity farming. When this land is deemed unsuitable for this purpose, they become plantations.
  • By re-purposing this land as a plantation, this area is returned to the forest ecosystem.

Aarons is committed to sourcing only renewable plantation timber

Up-cycled rubber

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our soft fall rubber installations. We use up-cycled rubber from Australia’s leading tyre up-cycler.

We offer a unique, distinct green advantage as our ground surfacing materials are made from recycled tyre rubber primarily sourced from end of life Australian tyres.

We are proud that every installation directly contributes to the reduction of used tyres going to landfill every year.

Low VOC Treatment

According to the CSIRO, “Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) contribute negatively to air pollution… and produce a variety of air pollution effects including the effect known as “smog”…. They impact on individual health and well-being including personal allergic reactions.”

Our timber treatment is completely arsenic-free, and has met stringent standards for VOC emissions.

As a result, our treatment is Greenguard TM Children and Schools Certified. It is also the only treatment to be certified under Scientific Certification System’s EPP based on Life-Cycle Assessment.

The performance of the timber is not in any way compromised and is perfect for outdoor structures and landscaping.