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Open Roof Pergolas

Made to order, delivered and installed direct from the factory.

Essential information

Want a beautiful wooden structure to facilitate flora growth such as vines, flowers or other climbing plants?

By combining a man-made structure and mother nature, our Open Roof Pergolas (also known as an arbour) will add a quaint or stylish feel to your backyard whilst adding shelter, shade and privacy.

Built to last

Made of solid treated pine timber for strength and durability, our Open Roof Pergolas provide an instant sense of charm and sophistication to your backyard

You decide the size

As we manufacture our Pergolas ourselves, any size is possible

Maintenance free

An Aarons Open Roof Pergola will require very little maintenance other than the occasional prune

Quick delivery and installation

Your Pergola can be installed in your backyard within a day from the date of delivery

Adds value to your property

Ask for a free site inspection to see whether a Open Roof Pergola is the right option for your lifestyle needs.

Make an enquiry

We deliver and install across Australia

    Get inspired

    Flick through our gallery to view some examples of what our Open Roof Pergolas could look like in your backyard.

    Start creating your dream pergola

    We have a simple process to ensure you’re getting the perfect solution for your needs. 

    View the information below to learn more about our sizes and customisation options.

    Decide on the size of your pergola

    As we manufacture every pergola ourselves you are not limited to a set size.

    View some examples below to get an idea of the size that would suit your backyard space.

    Get in contact with our experts and we will help you customise and create the perfect pergola for your requirements.

    Call us on (03) 9708 2816 or

    Open roof pergola sample sizes

    Customise and make it your own

    Customise your Open Roof Pergola to suit your purpose and backyard.

    Need a deck?

    If you don’t have a level surface, a deck can provide the perfect platform for your entertaining needs. Adding a deck to your pergola can also add extra stability for inclement weather conditions. 

    Choose your options

    Our various post options, ability to upgrade to hardwood deck or addition of screens or blinds gives you versatility with access, privacy, air flow, light and temperature control.

    Add steps and/or ramps to give you the perfect entrance to your backyard Open Roof Pergola.

    Finish it off

    Choose your own paint colours or go a more natural look by staining the timber. We only use UV treated exterior paint or water based stains.